Contacting League Officials

It pains me to write this letter and include all Clubs within the SJFL as the majority abide by the rules of the league at all times, but in light of the recent resignation of Kevin Jones as a result of constant harassment in the final weeks of the season, from coaches and parents who clearly have no interest in following rules and, indeed, by their own admission in some cases, no idea of what they actually are I feel I must.

I am fully aware that issues have arisen because the bad weather this season has resulted in many age group fixtures being rearranged and condensed at the last minute towards the very end of the Football Season. I am sure you will agree that the League Fixture Secretary and Mini Football Secretary have both done their very best in difficult circumstances to solve the problems that have arisen.

There have been occasions towards the end of this season when Club managers have contacted the League Fixture Secretary directly concerning fixture backlogs, as well as other matters. The SJFL has a rule that states that any queries concerning fixtures or other football related matters can only be forwarded to League Secretaries via Club Secretaries in order to ensure effective and efficient problem solving and to safeguard the League Secretaries becoming inundated with emails,actions etc.

Please ensure in future any issues you want brought to the attention of League Officers are directed in the first instance only to your Club Secretary,who will forward them to the relevant League officer.

The League Secretaries will in future immediately return all queries coming directly to themselves to Club Secretaries for initial action and will not respond to correspondence from any other parties.

Failure to adhere to this rule may result in sanctions being brought against your club.

As previously stated, I am sad that I have to send this to you at the end of the season but the actions of a few has resulted in the loss of a valuable asset to the SJFL, who cannot be easily replaced.

In the interim period, please address all correspondence to me.

I hope that I will have your support on this matter.

Karen Trussler

SJFL Charperson