Urgent information for Minifootball from Mark Kift.

Today, I was shocked and disappointed to learn that Under 9’s Managers are using a “Whats App” Group to advise when they are not turning up for fixtures and as a result of this, other teams are then changing their fixtures to play at other venues.
Firstly I would like to remind you all that you are playing fixtures provided to you by The Swansea Junior League where there are rules and regulations you are required to adhere to.
Secondly for each and every fixture, permits has been arranged and agreed with Swansea City Council and privately managed grounds and paid for. This in turn validates the insurance cover for each and every child that is fixtured to play at the arranged venue.
I have been advised that it has become “normal practice” as the season has continued, for team managers to be changing venues and then not putting their team name on the Squad Sheets as not to alert the Swansea Junior League to this unacceptable practice.
The consequences of this, is that children are playing on a pitch to which they have not been allocated thus affecting the insurance cover and playing on pitches that we have no permit for.
Fixtures are there for a purpose and any changes to the fixtures must be authorised by an official of The Swansea Junior Football League to ensure each child is covered and the correct permits for pitches has been confirmed and authorised.
When a team cannot fulfil their fixtures it is up to the manager to advise me. When venues are called off and I am also made aware that some teams are not attending other venues, I will do all I can to re-arrange games as my goal is to get as many teams playing each week as possible.
Going forward, any Mini Football Team Manager of any age group found to be changing fixtures for their teams without prior authorisation from a Swansea Junior League Official will be brought in front of The Swansea Junior League Executive Committee and potentially lose their fixtures completely.
Please ensure that this email is forwarded to every manager and assistant coach at all age groups within your clubs.
Mark Kift
Mini Football Secretary
Swansea Junior Football League