Morriston & Penyrheol 3G Rules.

As many of you are now aware we are using the 3G pitches at Morriston and Penyrheol.

We have been asked to make you aware of the facility rules. These must be followed by all participants to be able to continue to use the pitches.

Information for Clubs, Schools & Organisations

Whilst you are using the 3G facility  it is essential that you, your players and parents abide by the following rules, failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the playing field or your booking being cancelled with no refunds given or in some cases being charged for any damage to the facility.

  • All players, coaches and officials must wear moulded studs, plastic blades or astro turf shoes when on the 3G pitch. NO METAL STUDS, TRAINERS OR SHOES ALLOWED, footwear must be clear of mud.
  • Only players, officials and coaches allowed on playing surface. Parents must spectate from outside the perimeter fence.
  • Players who are not taking part must also wear the appropriate footwear if they are on the 3g surface. If not they must spectate from outside the perimeter fence.
  • Eating gum on the pitch is forbidden.
  • Smoking on the pitch is forbidden
  • Don’t throw litter on the pitch.
  • Do not move dividing netting, this must be done by a member of staff from the leisure centre.